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Short description[Bearbeiten]

Seedless is a tool for the I2P network, it is a services directory lookup (Wikipedia: directory service) that is distributed, it is used by several softwares running inside I2P.

Seedless is a client/server database to collect information and send these to clients asking. A kind of distributed addresses portal.

As of February 2019 Seedless no longer works because no servers are still online and the developer is gone. ([[1]]) </translate> <translate>

Note: used the text written by the user !BlackButterfly in 2011 (ref). </translate> <translate>

Long description[Bearbeiten]

By Sponge, author of Seedless, 2010 (ref).

  • It's a services directory lookup that is distributed.
  • It's self seeding, so you don't need to worry about any special peer locating issues!
  • It can help to eliminate the need to have any starter seed files, simply query a seedless server that has the service type you are looking for.
  • It eliminates a pile of code bloat, since seedless can maintain a list of peers for you.
  • It's light weight in code size, CPU, and in network usage.
  • It's fairly simple to set up, just do two plugin installs and within 20 minutes or less, you should have service; worse case as of this writing is 4 hours.
  • Not everyone is required to be a server, in fact we have 6 now, and that is plenty at this time... If more join, fine, as it should be able to scale easily.
  • Each server operator can choose what services to help with.
  • Unlisted unpublished Eepsites -- AKA Hidden Eepsites --: No need any more to post your key in forum, no more need to submit it into the circulating hosts.txt files, and since they only last 12 hours if not refreshed, a nifty temporary site can be put up.
  • magnet:?xt=urn:btih:b5656bd3ebf597c9b023f2267a09f0a72a12a516

Question "What does it have to do with torrents?": Well, if all the torrent trackers die, you are screwed. Crying or if you got Seedless installed, You got a better chance of keeping a working swarm, since the peers are listed within Seedless ... and all the servers serving torrent service within the cloud would have to be dead !. The chances of that happening are by far less than say... postman taking down his tracker to do maintenance, and welterde's opentracker dies off... We've seen that happen all to many times. It's annoying... Also BT announces are pretty chatty. I think you get the idea. It's happened many times where both trackers are off line, and is what partially inspired the plugin. </translate> <translate>

Screenshot (GUI)[Bearbeiten]

The main window (for a I2P user running Neodatis database as a plugin and Seedless plugin):



Examples of softwares that use Seedless[Bearbeiten]

Category Name Does rely totally on Seedless ?
eMail I2P-Bote No
eMail PyBitmessage-I2P Yes <ref>Yes from v0.2.0 (2015). See</ref>
chat I2P-Messenger No
filesharing Tahoe-LAFS ?
eepsite hosting Hidden Eepsites Yes
filesharing Robert No

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  1. Note: the way to install a plugin in the 'I2P Router console' is described in the wiki page Plugins
  2. Install the plugin Neodatis (this is the database engine used by Seedless)
  3. Install the plugin Seedless.
    Note : if you installed it first, you can uninstall it from : "I2P router console" > "I2P Services" > tab "Clients" > line "??_seedless" > button "Delete"
  4. Now you can run a application requiring Seedless

Note: steps checked with I2P v0.9.29 (2017).

Advanced users[Bearbeiten]

Running Seedless as a server[Bearbeiten]

To help the community of Seedless users, you may run yours as a server.

This will need some advanced setup (like setting up a eepsite), described in the guide contained in the Seedless plugin itself ( then link 'Please consider helping out by running a server!'). </translate>


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