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I. Introduction[Bearbeiten]

Nachtblitz is a file sharing software for Windows, running and using the Kademlia network protocol inside I2P. Nachtblitz connects inside I2P to the same "Kad" (Kademlia) network than iMule, it is compatible with.

Linux OS: since v1.4.21 (june 2014) Nachtblitz can run on Linux by using Wine with Microsoft's .NET Framework (read the tutorial on the official Nachtblitz eepsite).

Initial release of Nachtblitz: 2012.


(search feature. Running under Linux with Wine)

II. Quick start guide[Bearbeiten]

How to get Nachtblitz[Bearbeiten]

Download the latest version from the official eepsite host: http://echelon.i2p/.

Enable SAM bridge into your I2P[Bearbeiten]

Nachtblitz uses SAM bridge to talk to I2P, enable it : > [x] SAM application bridge > Save Client Configuration > Start.

Run Nachtblitz[Bearbeiten]

Extract Nachtblitz from the ZIP file then run it:

  • Windows OS: you can start it by double-clicking "Nachtblitz.exe".
  • Linux OS: you must follow the Wine tutorial located on the Nachblitz eepsite.

Wait for it to connect to peers (5 minutes).

Note: unlike iMule, Nachtblitz is provided with a 'nodes.dat' file (it's a list of addresses of some others clients).

How to set Nachtblitz to your language[Bearbeiten]

Menu 'Application' > 'Options' > 'Language' > 'Text language' (select) > 'OK'.

Currently (april 2016, v1.4.27) there is 5 languages available (english, french, german, polish, spanish, ).

How to share your files[Bearbeiten]

You can offer files for other users too : menu 'Application' > 'Options' > 'Shared Directories' > click 'Add' then choose a folder to share. You can share several folders.

You must choose one of your shared folders as the 'Output Dir' (this will be the folder for incoming files, the files you have download).

<!> Be careful : DO NOT SHARE your private folders nor files or things that do not belong to you!

How to know what files are transfered[Bearbeiten]

The GUI design is different from iMule:

  • Files downloads in progress : tab 'Files' > 'Incomplete'
  • Files downloaded : tab 'Files' > tab 'Downloads'
  • Files uploads in progress : tab 'Files' > 'Uploads'
  • Files uploaded : tab 'Files' > tab 'Complete' (or 'All') > column 'Sent' (click the top of the column to sort it)

III. Misc[Bearbeiten]

Recommendation to organize your shared folders[Bearbeiten]

(!) A good practice would be to create on your hard disk a folder where you put all the files shareable. Then you can share this main folder without fear to do a mistake (like sharing the wrong folder or sub folder), and without forget to share folders.

Example for Windows :

  • C:\Shared_P2P\
  • C:\Shared_P2P\eBooks\
  • C:\Shared_P2P\Incoming\
  • C:\Shared_P2P\Movies\
  • C:\Shared_P2P\Musics\
  • C:\Shared_P2P\Softwares\
  • C:\Shared_P2P\Torrents\

Where to announce the new files that you share ?[Bearbeiten]

Read: Forums in Syndie about new releases (files shared) on iMule network


Since v1.4.25 (2015), Nachblitz include a text-based filter for the search results as well as the Kademlia index :

  • users that are hurted by some content can hide the shocking file names (ie: porn files) in their search results.
  • users that have some ethical concerns can use this feature to filter some files names that their Nachblitz does relay (by the distributed Kademlia index).

Where are saved the Nachtblitz data files ?[Bearbeiten]

  • Windows OS: "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Application Data\Roaming\Nachtblitz"
  • Linux OS: "$HOME/.wine-nachtblitz/drive_c/users/YOURUSERNAME/Application Data/Nachtblitz" and: "$HOME/.wine-nachtblitz/drive_c/users/YOURUSERNAME/Local Settings/Application Data/Nachtblitz".

IV. Issues[Bearbeiten]

Linux: if Nachtblitz crash often[Bearbeiten]

All cases[Bearbeiten]

A way to make Nachtblitz run fine again is to delete the Nachtblitz data files, and let it rewrite them, and it's default settings.

Wine v1.8.0[Bearbeiten]

As of 2016-02, Nachtblitz v1.4.26 sometimes crash with Wine v1.8.0 (Nachblitz v1.4.26 was tested to work with Wine v1.6.2).

A other issue known is when Nachtblitz crash several times (example: 5) before to start successfully (before the GUI does open). Maybe more details at: http://abzmusjcm3p3llj4z7b5kkkexpsxcnsylikokouk5txfim3evqua.b32.i2p:7662/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=111

Wine v1.9.2[Bearbeiten]

As of 2016-02, Nachtblitz v1.4.26 seems incompatible with this version of Wine: too much crashes.

Windows 10[Bearbeiten]

  • "Windows 10 will probably include .NET 4.5.2 or later.
  • Windows 10 will probably NOT include .NET 3.5 or earlier. It can be installed however.

The binaries I provide run on any .NET Runtime from 2.x. to 4.x, but they require the .NET 2.x or 3.x Framework. So they will not work on Windows 10 by itself, as Windows 10 initially only has the 4.x Framework. It seems Windows 10 automatically asks you to install .NET 3.5 when an application needs it. Additionally, here's a document that explains how to install .NET 3.5 on Windows 10: [CAUTION! Link leads into the "normal" internet.]"<ref>http://freedomforum.i2p/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=27&start=10</ref>

Crash report[Bearbeiten]

Before to report a crash to the developper of Nachtblitz, please look if there a crash log file ("NachtblitzCrashLog.txt") has been saved into the following Nachtblitz directory :

  • Windows OS: "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Application Data\Roaming\Nachtblitz"
  • Linux OS: "$HOME/.wine-nachtblitz/drive_c/users/YOURUSERNAME/Application Data/Nachtblitz".

Nachtblitz shuts down because it's older then one year[Bearbeiten]

Since developement has stoped and the newest version (1.4.27) is older than one year, Nachtblitz will shut down immediately after initialising throwing a error message.

To get it to run you have to change the release date in the "Nachtblitz.exe" with a HEX-editor (Hex-Editor MX is free and easy to use).

  • Open the file and find the address 0609A0 (in Hex-Editor Mx: Search -> Go to).
  • You will see this line:
  • 04 1f 22 17 1a 1f 1b 72 da 4d 20 70 20 e0 07 20

Look for "e0" (third from the right). This stands for the year 2016. You need to change it to e1 for 2017, e2 for 2018, or e3 for 2019 and so on. After you have changed it, close the Hex-Editor. Nachtblitz should now start without any problems.

Note: This procedure seems to fail when Nachtblitz is being used in Wine. This has been reported here<ref>http://forums.i2p/index.php?topic=71.0</ref>.

V. References[Bearbeiten]

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VI. See also[Bearbeiten]

VII. External links[Bearbeiten]