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I. Introduction[Bearbeiten]

About jIRCii[Bearbeiten]

jIRCii is a software designed to be a IRC client. It is able to work with the IRC2P network (the main IRC network inside I2P).

Features :

  • coded in Java
  • support scripting (the scripting language is Sleep, inspired from Perl)

Weaknesses :

  • GUI is in english only
  • content of the channel window (text colors and formatting) is more confuse than the other IRC clients
  • timestamp is disabled by default (to enable it: menu View > Options > IRC Options > [x] TimeStamp Event)

Initial release : 2004. Initial release of the I2P fork : 2010 ?.


(Feature showed: main window (jIRCii v0.9.0, 2011))

Quick start guide[Bearbeiten]

How to get jIRCii for I2P[Bearbeiten]

  • as a plugin file for I2P : see the wiki page Plugins
  • as a standalone software file : see section how to download standalone below

How to setup jIRCii for I2P[Bearbeiten]

  • plugin file : there is nothing to setup
  • standalone file (downloaded from I2P) : same as above ?
  • standalone file (downloaded from the official clearnet website) : like any IRC client (see IRC2P)

How to run jIRCii for I2P[Bearbeiten]

  • plugin file : everytime you run the I2P Router Console, the jIRCii window does open. If you close it, you can reopen it from the I2P Router Console : I2P Services > Clients > jIRCii > [Start]
  • standalone file (jIRCii v0.9.0, 2011) : java -jar jerk.jar
  • standalone file (jIRCii v0.9-14, 2016) : cd lib, java -jar jircii.jar

How to change the font color in channels[Bearbeiten]

  • This is useful if you have decided to change the background color to something light, like white.
  • Hold the shift key and click on the text you want to change the color of. A window will pop up where you can choose the color.

Advanced subjects[Bearbeiten]

How to make a jIRCii standalone software from the plugin[Bearbeiten]

  • Install jIRCii as a plugin to the I2P router console
  • copy the files from (Linux) /home/yourusername/.i2p/plugins/jIRCii/ to your own directory
  • you can uninstall jIRCii as a plugin from the I2P router console
  • you can now run jIRCii as a standalone software (but you loose the software auto-upgrade feature)
  • Overwrite the files at (Linux) /home/yourusername/.config/jIRC with the files from jIRCii's /config/ folder to keep jIRCii settings and IRC2P's server list.

How to register a nickname then automatically log in (jIRCii nickname setup)[Bearbeiten]

I started using jIRCii and wanted to have my registered nickname, Heron, to become available to me automatically when I would log in.
I was able to do this in HexChat which I was using before, but found it not as straight forward in jIRCii. So here is what I did to get it to work.

  • First of all, you need to register your nickname. If you need help in this area read the page IRC2P or try the #irc2p channel.
  • Under the VIEW menu in the OPTIONS click the SETUP folder, then click the jIRCii SETUP icon.
  • Here you need to add your USER INFORMATION for your nickname. I also used the same nickname for the NICKNAME and the ALTERNATE NICKNAME (not sure if you actually need to do this, but it worked for me).
  • Next, click on the PERFORM icon, type this command, /msg nickserv indentify your nickname password here, make sure you check the checkbox PERFORM THESE COMMANDS WHEN CONNECTING.
  • Click the OK button and reconnect to IRC.

Note: Howto wrote by Heron, posted in Syndie<ref>urn:syndie:channel:d7:channel44:MGV8h41K682YLAI6JUm5pEhycDr~QiSN8lIVSs4aXE4=9:messageIdi1486321755041ee</ref>, February 5, 2017.

How to download jIRCii as a standalone application[Bearbeiten]

Download the plugin install file from Plugins page, e.g. http://stats.i2p/i2p/plugins/jIRCii.xpi2p, either by pasting the url into the browser or with wget (commands have to be slightly adapated if you are in Windows)

export http_proxy=http://localhost:4444/
wget http://stats.i2p/i2p/plugins/jIRCii.xpi2p

unzip/unpack the files (unpack200 is included in java sdk, make sure you have that in path):

unzip jIRCii.xpi2p
cd lib
unpack200 -r darcula.jar.pack darcula.jar
unpack200 -r gson.jar.pack gson.jar
unpack200 -r jircii.jar.pack jircii.jar
unpack200 -r sleep.jar.pack sleep.jar
cd ..

Now you can run the program with the following command:

java -jar lib/jircii.jar -settings config


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