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Irc2P is the name of this collaborative project of IRC servers, inter connected, in order to deliver a joint service chat rooms community.

The most noteworthy feature is perhaps the elimination or minimization of all the properties of the servers that could violate the privacy of its users.

In principle, there are no restrictions on access, but users must be a minimum of the "netiquete"<ref></ref> (good usage of communications through internet).


Servers that are currently (2016) participating in the network are:

  • irc.dg.i2p
  • irc.postman.i2p
  • irc.echelon.i2p

The rules[Bearbeiten]

For more detailed internal rules concerning the terms of use of the service:

The rules basically comprises the following points:

  1. Respect for other users
  2. Explicit prohibition of spam or unsolicited advertising in any direction
  3. As well as flooding or very rapid repetition of messages
  4. Abuse services, both user registration / channels
  5. Ban on using bots or robots without the consent of admin
  6. And who has the last word, are the admins

The Admins[Bearbeiten]

The admins or network operators are: postman, badger, eche|on and dg.

They are responsible for all services and can be contacted mainly on the #i2p channel.

Basic commands[Bearbeiten]

  • '/help' general help
  • '/join #channel' allow you to enter #channel
  • '/list' display the list of channels
  • '/msg nickserv' help for details of how to register a nick
  • '/msg irc2pbot' help get help on using vhost
  • '/msg chanserv' help command to get help on the "command" in relation to the administration of the canal
  • '/msg chanserv flags #CANAL USUARIO +H' the USER command to log always with the current permissions

Configure your IRC client[Bearbeiten]

Go to configure a new server and add:

Note: The tunnel connecting to the servers of the Irc2P network is already pre-configured in the core of the I2P router. Therefore, it is not necessary to create or modify anything in the I2P router console.

You can modify the port number if you want, this is something possible in the configuration of I2P tunnels ( If you do, then you must also modify it in the IRC client.


Does Irc2P have an HTTP webchat client?[Bearbeiten]

No, currently (2016-03) Irc2P does not have a official HTTP webchat client (like for example Qwebirc). Most of these use Javascript. Any initiative to build one is welcome.

Can I access Irc2P via Tor?[Bearbeiten]

You can access Irc2P via Tor at ogn5vbujhrvbihko.onion/6667. This bridge is operated by Dg.
Throttling is enforced and this onion is recommended for those who can't use I2P or those who wouldn't normally install it, in order to broaden the reach of the Irc2P network.

How can I create my own Irc2P server?[Bearbeiten]

Install an IRC server (eg. InspIRCd or UnrealIRCd), make it listen to, set up an I2P server tunnel pointing at and you have your own IRC server that works over I2P! It's yours to do what you want with. But feel free to announce it to the network so people can use it!

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