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I2P / Bob Mode[Bearbeiten]

  • Ideas of how torrent should be run in I2P are hot topic, we all do want performance but not cloaking and and increased anonymity, there are request of running transmission in a single tunnel, and i have thought about a pool mode which would be the deafult mode for transmission. Let's start with some terminology, an I2pTunnels is in reality an tunnel pool that contains a N number of real networks tunnels, the count of real tunnels is based upon quantity / backup quantity settings of inbound / outbound tunnels within the I2pTunnels. The actual speed of an I2pTunnels varies with the hop and variance settings of inbound / outbound tunnels and ofcourse how well the router ist integrated within the I2P network. Changing the count of tunnels within an I2pTunnels will increase cpu usage of the router, so you cant run as many I2pTunnels's you want to, cause you will lost performance.

The average speed of one I2pTunnels is about 100KBps.

So running one I2pTunnels for all client will result in alot of overhead stealing the tunnel's capacity and in this case it steals from your max 100KBps which is not what a bittorent client want...

Running in the fashion one I2pTunnels per Torrent would be best but!, u cant run as much torrents you wanted to cause all these tunnels would steal performance from your router, so it must be restricted to only run N number of torrents at the same time.

So my thought's goes for something in the middle of this, using a I2pTunnels Pool defined by the user, and then distribute torrents among this I2pTunnels, which gives us a little less overhead on I2pTunnels which increases speed.

Single tunnel mode[Bearbeiten]
  • Is implemented today, the trunk in repository is today using one tunnel for all torrents.


  • With a few torrents running alot of overhead steals the bandwidth for the tunnel

Tunnel pool mode[Bearbeiten]
  • Upsides:
  • User defined Pool size (amount of I2pTunnels)
  • Torrents will be distributed over the active I2pTunnels in the pool.
  • I2pTunnels could reinit so a new destination key is generated (increase anonymity when running same instance of transmission for a long time)