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Introduction about I2pTransmission[Bearbeiten]

Transmission is an Bittorrent Client mainly developed for Mac but have extended to Linux and also Windows.

"I2pTransmission" is also known as "I2p Bob Transmission" (because it use the I2P's "BOB bridge" API). First released in 2009.

This Bittorrent client have 4 different clients:

  • Daemon/Web: this is very nice because you can run your bittorrent client on an headless server while adding and controlling torrents via a Web GUI using the daemon.
  • CLI/Remote: it is a command line client that can run stand alone or controlling the daemon.
  • GTK: it is an standalone client
  • QT: it is under heavy development (2009) and is going to be both standalone client and remote client for the daemon.

You may read up more about transmission at: Wikipedia, www.transmissionbt.com and http://trac.transmissionbt.com.

How to get running with Transmission on I2P?[Bearbeiten]

Note : currently (2016) the eepsite 'svn.dinamic.i2p' described below is shutdown since several years. See 'External links' to get the software.

Setup SVN tunnel to the repository[Bearbeiten]

Go to your router console http://localhost:7657/i2ptunnel/index.jsp and add a "Local client tunnel", don't change any settings except the followings:

  • Name = Transmission SVN
  • Port = 3690
  • Tunnel destination = svn.dinamic.i2p
  • Autostart = checked

That's it, save then verify that the tunnel is started.

Check out the code and compile (Linux)[Bearbeiten]

svn co svn:// transmission
cd transmission
make && make install


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