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This page contains a few slogans by various people. Feel free to add your own.


  • I2P - I'm human, of course I pee too!


  • Freedom requires privacy. Be free! - i2p


  • I2P. The autonomous are anonymous
  • I2P, join the revolution
  • I2P, for your own good
  • I2P and the future of 'freedom'
  • I2P, for the common good


  • I2P, for your own sake
  • I2P, a revolution to protect the freedom of speech
  • I2P, a revolution to protect your own freedom and that of others
  • I2P: The future of freedom


  • I2P: it's got vitamin C
  • I2P: The free internet
  • I2P: what, you mean its supposed to make sense?
  • I2P: Making the internet more free
  • I2P: Creating a more free internet
  • I2P: more fun than a root canal


  • I2P - Anonymoholics anonymous


  • I2P - Because Freenet really sucks the lamas ass.


  • aum: "I2P - because your online communications are YOUR business":
  • aum: "I2P: already criminalised in Michigan":
  • aum: "I2P: Because privacy is a basic human right":
  • aum: "I2P: Big Brother, Your Days Are Numbered":
  • aum: "I2P: Farewell, Big Brother":
  • aum: "I2P: I'm taking the Fifth!":
  • aum: "I2P: pissing off governments":
  • aum: "I2P: purchase your crack/ecstasy/P online - anonymoney accepted":
  • aum: "I2P: your government's Department of Homeland Insecurity":
  • aum: "With I2P, the cops will have to plant crack in your car instead":
  • aum: bloody hell - coke dealers have their own IS installations, with mainframes and large IT teams
  • aum: I2P: what's sleep?:
  • aum: well, how about "I2P - Big Ulcers for Big Brother":


  • I2P: Communication, over the set Z. In contrast, TCP/IP uses subset R of Z; R follows from local law. But the cardinality of R equals the cardinality of Z. Is there then no purpose in using I2P? After all we can construct a bijection from Z to R, and then express ourselves in Z over TCP/IP. But the problem is that any bijection from Z to R will be inverted and used by those who enforce local law to prevent one from expressing oneself in Z over TCP/IP. We conclude that TCP/IP is entirely unsuitable for communication over the set Z. Furthermore, we conclude that I2P grants communication over the set Z.


  • clayboy: " toad: anyone here running a stable freenet node? we are completely out of seednodes and need new seednode sources URGENTLY" -- I2P: We're Doing Better Than Freenet
  • clayboy: "I2P - now 33% more anonymous than the next leading brand.":
  • clayboy: "I2P: It's 1985."
  • clayboy: "I2P: Now You Too Can Pee":
  • clayboy: ... or double your money back:
  • clayboy: I2P -- Imagine a Beowulf cluster of THIS!:
  • clayboy: I2P: Black Ice, Ice Baby:
  • clayboy: I2P: Nobody Knows You're a Frog:
  • clayboy: I2P: Puts You Off Food:


  • danon: i2p: Connect The Net, It's Free!:
  • danon: i2p: Creating a free internet:
  • danon: i2p: Grab a Tunnel, It's Free!:
  • danon: i2p: Making a free internet Reality:
  • danon: i2p: The Digital Refuge:


  • FireRabbit: I2P - Freer than beer:
  • FireRabbit: I2P: Guarenteed to drive you crazy after 5 minutes of use:
  • FireRabbit: I²P - how people who know too much about ascii say I2P:
  • FireRabbit|food: I2P: What Spoon?:


  • MrEcho_: "I2P: let other people use your bandwidth":


  • Ophite1: I2P - because it sucks less than freenet.:
  • Ophite1: I2P - research and development of innovative solutions directed towards improving the freedom, privacy and security of all users of the internet
  • Ophite1: I²P - stopping politics fucking up your good ideas.:


  • protocol: I2P: Fuck Freenet:
  • protocol: I2P: Hack eepsite anonymously:
  • protocol: I2P: protocol is the fucking man:
  • protocol: I2P: Scientology hates us:


  • TC: "I2P: aum, is the shoutcast server still running?":
  • TC: "I2P: Can i2p.dynalias.net take a slashdoting?":
  • TC: "I2P: Connection reset by peer":
  • TC: "I2P: Does Guantanamo Bay have broadband?":
  • TC: "I2P: Hack the Gibson... on this open Squid proxy!":
  • TC: "I2P: Hey everyone, I just set up my webcam! oh shit!":
  • TC: "I2P: increase your penis size by 3 to 4 inches":
  • TC: "I2P: It was all jrand0m's idea! I didn't have anything to do with it!":
  • TC: "I2P: Puts You Off Government":
  • TC: "I2P: somebody build us matter transpoter over ethernet and we're all set":
  • TC: "I2P: Taxes? We dont need no stinking taxes!":
  • TC: "I2P: The SUV that ran you off the information superhighway":
  • TC: "I2P: They can take my mouse when the pry it out of my cold dead hands":
  • TC: "I2P: Where Anarchists and Libertarians sharpen their knives before turning on each other"


  • tonious: "I2P -- Making the world safe for dealers, terrorists and child porn peddlers"
  • tonious: "I2P: 'Cause Angelina Jolie's a hacker.":
  • tonious: "I2P: Recommended by four out of five black market doctors.":
  • tonious: "I2P: Yeah, RISC is good.":
  • tonious: "I2P: 'Cause really, what would you do with all that CPU time?:
  • tonious: "I2P: 'Cause the street finds it's own uses for things.":
  • tonious: "I2P: 'Cause we were bored.":
  • tonious: "I2P: Accepted at more places (that you'd like to shop) than American Express."
  • tonious: "I2P: because IPSEC is made of people. PEOPLE!":
  • tonious: "I2P: Because noone wants to see what you browse. Ugh.":
  • tonious: "I2P: Because there are four lights.":
  • tonious: "I2P: Because there's a republican in office.":
  • tonious: "I2P: Because your parents have a packetsniffer":
  • tonious: "I2P: Eat THIS Ashcroft!!":
  • tonious: "I2P: Elvis would use it. Beebop aloo lah.":
  • tonious: "I2P: Have you had your cryptographically untraceable break today?"
  • tonious: "I2P: Here kid, have some candy.":
  • tonious: "I2P: IHTFP":
  • tonious: "I2P: Is your router up? 'Cause I can't reach your site.":
  • tonious: "I2P: It beats goatse.cx":
  • tonious: "I2P: It beats watching Enterprise":
  • tonious: "I2P: It tastes awful but it works":
  • tonious: "I2P: Maxaxaxax H-H-Headroom recommends it.":
  • tonious: "I2P: So no one knows you're an Urqin Invader.":
  • tonious: "I2P: Spider Jerusalem's favourite network.":
  • tonious: "I2P: The quicker squicker upper":
  • tonious: "I2P: They're after me lucky charms!":
  • tonious: "I2P: This space for rent. No really, my DMT account is #......"
  • tonious: "I2P: We make the MIB look like wimps.":
  • tonious: "I2P: What evidence?":
  • tonious: "I2P: Where everyone knows your name." No wait, that's not right...
  • tonious: "I2P: Who are you again?":
  • tonious: "I2P: Who needs the IETF?":
  • tonious: "I2P: William Gibson eat your heart out.":
  • tonious: "I2P: You can't prove it.":
  • tonious: I2P - Join now, get a free mp3!:
  • tonious: I2P - Your lawyer will thank you.:
  • tonious: I2P -- Shut up and use it.:


  • I2P: To cops, you'll be like a huge booger they just can't reach.
  • with i2p the time is coming to bring the "underground" above ground and accessible to all

L. Ron Hubbard::

  • Q: What do you call a man with his ding-a-ling in a piece of melon? - A: Ian Clarke.


  • I2P: Because you should not be jailed -just given a slap up side the head- for jacking off to lesbian snuff films.
  • I2P: Because all information wants to be free, including those photos of jrandom dressed up like a domantrix in crotchless panties raping a stuffed Care Bear doll up its ass.
  • I2P: Because without it keeping gott busy he would be released to afflict the world with his/her (its) evil.
  • I2P: Because I want every fucking episode of the Little Mermaid the series available for download with out Disney suing my ass off.

Tammy Faye::

  • I2P- The loosest slots in town
  • I2P- Pretty soon it'll have the only pages not owned by a corporation
  • I2p- Bigger than a Chihuahua


  • nicktastic: Inject your soul with I2P, its free, its free
  • nicktastic: Someone hurt me

feline terrorist::

  • I2P: Because P2P is about more than filesharing
  • I2P: Anonymize everything!


  • r4v5: wait, people on i2p pay for things?
  • r4v5: I2P: Letting the terrorists win, one scaremonger at a time!


  • I2P: What, the slogans have to make sense?
  • I2P: Because "Kazaa" was already taken!
  • I2P: Because I2P needs another slogan!
  • Î2P: Now officially the second-suckiest anonymous filesharing program in existence!
  • Welcome to I2P - abandon all hope ye who enter here.
  • cat-a-puss: Yeah, the other day postman.i2p did it three times in a row...

#i2p-chat topic::

  • i2p-chat Welcome to I2P Chat -- Where all your dreams come true
  • troll-free, flood-free i2p community chat | if channel is moderated: register, identify, and /msg an op for voice if you're not auto-voiced | forum online | bot-free | cneal is a nutsack


  • I2P: Ha ha, you can't catch me.
  • I2P: Because evil is the root of all money. (No, it doesn't have anything to do with I2P. It just seemed like it would make a good catchy slogan for something.)
  • I2P: Incriminating Scientology memos want to be free.


  • I2P: I too pee on MPAA, RIAA and the like ...


  • I2P: Hacking
  • I2P: Fuck Freenet, in a good way.
  • I2P: Pissing on The Man.


  • Tealc: i'll suck jrandoms cock if he releases tonight


  • I2P brings us the darkest sides of humanity - And shows us the beauty in them ;D
  • Welcome to I2P: Our privacy relies on the laws of mathematics, not the laws of man.
  • I2P, interprets all governments as system damage and routes them out!


  • Load the kickban scripts, ops, and take cover - the slashdot has hit the fan!
  • perv: But wouldn't a jrandom, by any other name, smell equally leet?
  • Freenet is like a glacier. It's hard to move, but once it gets going, it can .. ummh .. move pebbles? In comparison, I2P is like a rabbit's burrow. You can get anywhere you want pretty quickly, but when the tunnels cave in you're screwed.


  • I2P: Because surveillance is rarely used to help you.
  • I2P: The less they know the better.
  • I2P: A bit like a cloak of invisibility.
  • I2P: More hops than a brewery.
  • I2P: Hoping that this won't be used by the criminal underworld.
  • I2P: Slow as shit, but interesting all the same.


  • It's never too late for I2P.


  • I2P: Because .i2p domains are free for all!

JahvaScript Maniac::

  • I2P: I love To Peer !


  • I2P: Giving secure anonymous communication to everyone - not just criminal organizations, commercial organizations, terrorist organizations and governments!
  • I2P: Anonymous secure communication for everyone, not just those that have an IT-department.


  • I2P: Privacy et libre!


  • Mental: Before the Internet, the Government controlled all communication, now that the Government controls the Internet, we have I2P.


  • When big companies and government are controlling internet, there is only one way to be free - I2P.


  • I2P: Where torrenters are leeching dicks.

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