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I2P RFC (Request For Comments) Official Wiki[Bearbeiten]

This is the official wiki for public discussion of I2P component development.

RFCs are public working drafts published for peer review.

Consider the content of all RFC's to be highly volatile until that RFCs status is RFC.

This wiki itself is a draft. Please feel free to contribute to this page.

If you have an idea for I2P that requires public peer review, please take a moment to create your own RFC placeholder using the template below (RFC 0000). Choose the proper number range for your RFC and add your new RFC to this page immediately to keep self-assigned numbers unique.

To help organize RFCs, the following schedules are proposed:[Bearbeiten]

Categorized Numeric RFC Ranges[Bearbeiten]

Range Description
0001-1000 I2P Core Network RFCs
1001-2000 I2P Application RFCs
2001-3000 I2P Community RFCs

Standardized Status Types and Codes[Bearbeiten]

U UNWRITTEN Place Holder page
I INCOMPLETE DRAFT Still Being Developed or Written
W WORKING COPY Peer Review Invitation
R RFC End of major edits
F FINAL Specification Approved

Current RFC's[Bearbeiten]

Document Status Short Description
I2pRfc0001ResourceNameMetadata (I) Resource Attribute Format Draft
I2pRfc0002SimpleAnonymousMessaging (R) SAM Draft
I2pRfc1001BtBytemonsoonTracker (I) Bytemonsoon Tracker Roadmap
I2pRfc1002I2pSter (I) Another p2p Draft
I2pRfc2001OrionDotI2p (I) Orion.i2p Roadmap