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  • 2017-11-07: I2P 0.9.32 contains a number of fixes in the router console and associated webapps (addressbook, i2psnark, and susimail ). We have also changed the way we handle configured hostnames for published router infos, to eliminate some network enumeration attacks via DNS. We have added some checks in the console to resist rebinding attacks.



  • 2015-09-12: 0.9.22 contains fixes for i2psnark getting stuck before completion, and begins the migration of router infos to new, stronger Ed25519 signatures. To reduce network churn, your router will have only a small probability of converting to Ed25519 at each restart. When it does rekey, expect to see lower bandwidth usage for a couple of days as it reintegrates into the network with its new identity. If all goes well, we will accelerate the rekeying process in the next release.
    I2PCon Toronto was a big success! All the presentations and videos are listed on the I2PCon page.
  • 2015-07: Version 0.9.21 contains several changes to add capacity to the network, increase the efficiency of the floodfills, and use bandwidth more effectively. We have migrated the shared clients tunnels to ECDSA signatures and added a DSA fallback using the new "multisession" capability for those sites that don't support ECDSA.
  • The I2P 0.9.19 release has several fixes and improvements for floodfill (to write) performance. Several of you saw high CPU usage after 0.9.18 was released. This was caused by a combination of increased encryption usage, the big influx of Vuze users into the network, reduced floodfills due to tighter performance requirements, and some longstanding bugs. Things should be a lot better after most of the network has updated. As always, the best way to reduce CPU usage is to lower your bandwidth limits. -- Release summary
  • 2015, load on network. The network has seen rapid growth in the last few days due to new Vuze users. This has caused some high-bandwidth routers to use a high amount of CPU. While we think the worst is over, if you are still seeing issues, the best way to reduce CPU usage is to reduce your bandwidth limits. We're working on fixes for our next release, and you can help by testing a recent development build which is available on http://update.killyourtv.i2p/mtn. -- I2P news