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Currently (2016-08) there is no up to date full changelog of I2Phex development, readable by end users.

This page attempts to make one. Please help to complete it.

Note: the official changelog is at http://??? (fill it if you know)


2016-07 I2Phex v3.[Bearbeiten]

  • Fixed: I2Phex work as a plugin for the I2P router console

2016-07 I2Phex v3.<ref>http://zzz.i2p/topics/2155-i2phex-3-2-8</ref>[Bearbeiten]

I2Phex plugin released. This includes all of Gnotellik's 3.2.7 changes.

  • Revert the welcome text change that added the warning to enable SAM. SAM is not used by i2phex.
  • Update build target to Java 1.6
  • Fix non-UTF8 string in test
  • Better diagnostics for initialization and connect-to-router errors
  • Fix NPE if can't connect to router

Known issue[Bearbeiten]

  • Zzz: "I2Phex seems to refuse to 'put' (announce) to the webcaches, or only to the first ?This is deep inside the phex code. Apparently Gnotellik tried and failed to find the cause. I tried and failed also." Hummingbird: "I2Phex (up to v3. can only use the first webcache address hardcoded (the others seems ignored), and seems not able to learn addresses of others webcaches running (that should be communicated by the I2Phex peers)."
  • Don't work as a plugin to the I2P router console ('the splash screen is visible for a brief moment before disappearing'<ref>http://trac.i2p2.i2p/ticket/1820</ref>)

2014-11 I2Phex v3. by Gnotellik<ref>changelog.txt</ref>[Bearbeiten]

  • Fixed: connection to webcache (Echelon's)
  • GUI: In the "Config Wizard" add text ("I2P Notice") about the need to enable "SAM application bridge" in the I2P router console to allow I2Phex to work.
  • GUI: In the "Search" tab, hide the "Speed" tab by default (useless with I2Phex because it return false values).
  • GUI: Translation improved (French).
  • CORE: In the source code: debug strings added (mainly for /gwebcache/).

Known issues[Bearbeiten]

  • KNOWN BUG: the same bugs as the previous release.

2014-11 I2Phex v3. by Gnotellik<ref>changelog.txt</ref>[Bearbeiten]

  • GUI: Display "Upload" tab by default.
  • GUI: Hide the feature "Filtered ports" (main menu bar > menu Options) because it is useless with I2Phex.
  • CORE: In "I2P Tunnels Settings" panel, change default hops numbers from 1 to 2 (located at: Settings > Options > General Settings > I2P > "Inbound length" and "Outbound length"). Otherwise the users of I2P saw in the I2P router console the message "Client tunnels for i2phex" : "ANONYMITY WARNING - Settings include 1-hop tunnels."
  • CORE: Unset "Allow browsing of directories" feature because it is unreliable, and was a privacy risk for newbies (ie: folder names).
  • CORE: Set "Force to be an Ultrapeer" by default (as recommended in the Phex source code, in order to make more stable the current tiny I2Phex network).
  • CORE: (Dirty) Disable Bitzi - feature named "View the Bitzi ticket" (a dead web service) - by redirecting to the Wikipedia article intead to send the hash of the selected file (I have not found the way to remove Bitzi from the GUI), that previously can goes in the default search engine of the web browser of the user.
  • CORE: (Dirty) Disable "Chat to host" feature (I have not found a way to hide it): nothing will happen when you click it. This feature has never work in I2Phex (that seems impossible because of the I2P's hops).
  • CORE: Update I2P's LIB files (i2phex/thirdparty/i2p/lib/) from 2011's (v0.8.6) to 2014 (v0.9.16-0). Files names: i2p.jar, jbigi.jar, mstreaming.jar, streaming.jar
  • FIXED: Update the webcache nodes addresses: disable Complication's Jwebcache, shutdown in january 2014, move Echelon's (from second) to first webcache.
  • FIXED: To avoid a error message in the I2Phex log file ("Missing language key: I2P"), create the missing key ("I2P = I2P").
  • FIXED: To avoid a error message when compiling I2Phex, remove a too long line from the text file "Fakes.SHA1" (The error message was: "Warn/phex.security.PhexSecurityManager:: Skip invalid line: a2SPCKONDD5XZ2L5H7CCR5VBBAQ5255TU in Fakes.SHA1").

Known issues[Bearbeiten]

  • KNOWN BUG: I2Phex (current version and previous) only connect to the first of the webcaches addresses built into the code.
  • KNOWN BUG: Minimization to tray does not work on all OS (ie: Linux, Windows 7). Same issue in Phex v3.4.2. Partial workaround: run I2Phex headless.
  • KNOWN BUG: "Browse Host feature" (that should list the folders and files of the remote host) does not work (has work in the past (2009)).
  • KNOWN BUG: I2Phex often loose connection with other peers. Forcing Ultrapeer mode should help this issue, however the best solution would be to port Phex 3.4.2 (2009) code to I2Phex 3.2.6 (2008), help from a senior Java developper needed... (see http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=3274 and http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=3923)
  • KNOWN BUG: I2Phex log file: "Error/phex.net.I2PServer:: java.lang.NullPointerException - Exception: java.lang.NullPointerException". This seems to be a choice of a developper (see the source code).

2011-06 I2Phex v3.[Bearbeiten]

Known issue[Bearbeiten]

  • From 2014 can not connect to the webcache address (because its owner, Complication has shut it down) and can not switch to any other webcache.

See also[Bearbeiten]

  • I2Phex - I2Phex article on i2pwiki.i2p


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