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I2Pd is a project implementing the I2P router in C++ instead of Java (in order to require less CPU power and RAM).

Performance: according to Echelon (2015-12) "On a usual system, it pushes the same data as the java version through the network. It maybe using 5-10% less CPU while doing so."<ref>http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=12261</ref>

I2Pd uses significantly less memory.

Launched in 2013.

As of 2019 it almost has a full feature parity with Java I2P implementation.

i2pd.conf configuration file[Bearbeiten]

To browse I2P web sites[Bearbeiten]

I2Pd has SOCKS Proxy enabled by default on port 4447.

Status for I2Pd and some services/software[Bearbeiten]

Applications that use I2CP : supported[Bearbeiten]

i2pd currently (november 2016) supports the SAM, BOB, and SOCKS interfaces. Starting from relese 2.8.0 it supports the I2CP interface, which is required for the following applications: I2PSnark, I2P-Bote, SusiMail<ref>http://forum.i2p/viewtopic.php?t=11760</ref>.

Applications that use SAM, BOB, and SOCKS interfaces : supported[Bearbeiten]

These interfaces are supported by I2Pd (december 2014)<ref>interfaces supported by I2Pd (dec 2014)</ref>.

Examples of applications that use them :


I2Pd uses OpenSSL as major crypto library, and it's own implementation of EdDSA.<ref>http://algorithms.samsu.ru/-tom2-nom4.pdf</ref>


How to torrent with the I2Pd router ?[Bearbeiten]

I2Pd has no integrated torrent client (such as I2PSnark in the official I2P Java router). There are several other Bittorrents clients compatible with the I2P network: Filesharing and I2P.

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