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This page describe the differents ways to do messaging with I2P: exchanging messages inside I2P, and (when possible) between I2P and a other network (ie: clearnet, Tor, Freenet, ...).



Latest release year Software/service name Decentralized ? Messages encrypted during transfers ? Messages encrypted by the client ? Messages stored encrypted on host/peers ? Possible gateway to the clearnet ?
2017 Aktie<ref>Feature supported from Aktie v0.5.2 released in 2016.</ref> Yes Yes Yes ? Yes ? No
2011 ? SusiMail (AKA 'I2P Mail') No No No No Yes
2017 I2P-Bote Yes Yes Yes Yes No
2016 PyBitmessage-I2P Yes Yes Yes Yes No
2014 OFS Yes Yes Yes Yes No
2018 RetroShare Yes Yes Yes Yes No as email service, but can be possible between RetroShare users if 2 RetroShare users have a friend in common connected to I2P (to others friends in I2P) and also to the clearnet (to others friends in the clearnet).
2016 Syndie Yes Yes Yes Yes No as email service, but can be possible between Syndie users (on the clearnet) if a archive server is in common with 2 users of Syndie (one in I2P, one in the clearnet).



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Instant messaging :


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