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This page describe the differents ways to do instant messaging and/or online chat with I2P: exchanging real-time text over I2P, in private or in public.


Latest release year Software name or service name Decentralized ?<ref>If Decentralized = yes, then the software or service does not rely on a main unique server.</ref> Feature chatrooms ?<ref>Chatrooms allows more than 2 people to 'talk' (by reading what others users are writing).</ref> Messages encrypted during transfers ?<ref>If no, then the software or service rely totally on I2P.</ref> Messages encrypted on client ? Messages encrypted on host/peers ?<ref>Are the messages stored encrypted on host/peers ?.</ref> Possible gateway to the clearnet ?
2017 Aktie Yes 'Yes'<ref>It is possible to create so-called private communities where only invited members can post. This feature could be used as a chatroom.</ref> Yes No ? Yes No
2015 I2P-Messenger Yes No ? No ? No ? No ? No
2013 I2PTalk<ref>For Microsoft Windows .NET, URL: http://echelon.i2p/i2ptalk/</ref> Yes No ? No ? No ? No ? No
2016 iMule<ref>The software IMule has a 'Messages' feature. You must know the I2P B32 destination of your friend running iMule in order to add him as a friend in iMUle (or he must be downloading a file from you, then you can add it with a right click).</ref> Yes No No No No No
2016 IRC2P network<ref>The service IRC2P is a IRC network running inside I2P. The software jIRCii is compatible with IRC2P.</ref> 'Yes'<ref>IRC2P relies on several IRC servers inter-connected.</ref> Yes No ? No ? No ? No
2018 RetroShare Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes ?
2011 SIC<ref>Multi OS, programmed in Java, URL: http://echelon.i2p/sic/</ref> Yes ? No ? No ? No ? No ? No ?
2019 qTox Yes Yes Yes No ? No ? Yes


  • Vuze can run a chatroom (named 'Anonymous') relying on I2P (if the Vuze's I2P plugin is enabled)

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