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This page is rough. A quick covering of basics a new user should probably know.

Some things to keep in mind: On the first start of I2P, give it at least an hour or two to integrate with the network. After you first install it, it will take time to do this. With successive starts, it will take less time to integrate. Give at least a half hour after start before trying to do much with I2P. It is suggested to leave I2P running 24/7 if you can.

Adjust bandwidth settings: To get the best performance out of I2P, you need to tell it how much bandwidth you have. You can figure this out with online speed tests. Once you know, go to and set the bandwidth settings to match your internet speed. The share ratio is how much of your bandwidth you want to share with the network. A higher percentage is better for your anonymity and the network. Don't set below 30% unless you really know what you're doing.

Forward ports, if needed: If you go to and the text on the left side of the page says "Network: OK", you can ignore this step. If it says firewalled, you need to open your firewall for the port I2P uses and configure your router to forward that port to your computer as well. How to do this varies with firewall and router. The easiest is to enable UPnP in your home router and just open your firewall port, but there may be issues doing such. To find out what port I2P is using, go to and look for UDP port:. That is the port number.

Addressbook subscriptions: By default, I2P doesn't come with many addressbook subscriptions. To be able to reach the most number of eepsites, you need to add some more. To do this, go to and add the following links if they don't already exist. Keep links to one per line:

Find new eepsites: You can go here (eepsitelist.i2p) to find a routinely compiled list of known alive eepsites. If you try one and it doesn't load, wait a few minutes and try again.

Join the I2P IRC server and chat with others: Grab an IRC client. Just about any will do. I suggest something like HexChat, PChat, or possibly WeeChat. There is a portable PChat for Windows on the PortableApps website. For linux, HexChat can usually be installed easily. Point it to irc: to join the I2P IRC. The suggested channels to join are #i2p, #i2p-chat, and #salt. There are many other channels. Use your IRC clients server channel listing feature to find them.

How to find, download, and share torrents on I2P: You can use i2psnark ( which is a built in torrent client for I2P. There are other options but this document is aimed at totally new users. The main two torrent trackers on I2P are: Postmans tracker (http://tracker2.postman.i2p/) and diftracker (http://diftracker.i2p/). You can also check out Filesharing_and_I2P (http://i2pwiki.i2p/index.php?title=Filesharing_and_I2P) for more information about filesharing on I2P.