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I have a good amount of downloaded content on my old file server. I built it about ten years ago and its four 2TB WD Green drives, while they haven't kicked the bucket yet, could very well do so soon. I don't have 5.6TB of ready backup storage and certainly have no viable way of storing such backups. At the same time, the tracker at http://tracker2.postman.i2p is missing a lot of content, so I can save my warez (showing my age there, right?) from digital destruction, and be a tremendous help to the community at the same time.

Why Tiny Core?[Bearbeiten]

  1. Lightweight. Like, super tiny. Can happily run in RAM - AND it runs X.
  2. In spite of running in RAM, still crazy versatile.
  3. You can just copy the backup files to another pre-prepared thumb drive in case it fails, and it'll boot again just fine.


To cook up this delicious dish, you will need:

  • A computer with n-1 hard drives that can boot off a USB drive.
  • A thumb drive - or a blank CD if your computer can't boot off a USB and it's 1999
  • A Tiny Core Linux 32-bit ISO (don't get 64-bit, java isn't in the apps repo yet)
  • Clearnet access to your computer during install


This is a work in progress. I am building this as I go, so the instructions could stop abruptly at any time.

  1. Use a tool like Rufus to write the ISO to the thumb drive.

  2. Boot the thumb drive on your system.

  3. Install the installer.


To be completed...