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I2PSnark, theme Vanilla
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I2PSnark configuration page; theme Invisiblefox

I2PSnark is a user-friendly and simpler BitTorrent client embedded into I2P. I2PSnark has the necessary BitTorrent client features like Magnet URI und DHT. Thanks to its web interface, it is well suited as a workhorse running in the background. It can be launch from the I2P router console screen: I2P Services > Torrents ( Because I2PSnark is included in the bundle of the I2P software package, it is obviously the most used bittorrent client, only with considerable distance the feature-rich client BiglyBT follows. Although I2PSnark, like BiglyBT, can establish connections via DHT, the client is mainly seen in connection with local trackers such as PATracker and DifTracker. In contrast to the client mentioned above, I2PSnark does not have a possibility to retrieve torrents directly from the open network, all external connections outside of I2P are discarded. In order to be able to access external torrents, I2PSnark relies on clients who can act as proxy between the networks.

I2PSnark is based on the open source software Snark wrote by Mark Wielaard (2003)<ref>http://klomp.org/snark/ Link to Wielaard's Snark that has nothing to do with today's I2PSnark.</ref>.

How to[Bearbeiten]

How to download a torrent with I2PSnark[Bearbeiten]

First, go to a BitTorrent tracker running inside I2P that lists files for downloading. Here you can search for something you want to download. You can click on the name of the torrent for a more detailed description. In the column called ".torrent", right-click on the image and choose "Copy Link Location" to copy the address of the torrent file to the clipboard.

Now all you need to do is paste the link you copied earlier into the box in the "Add Torrent:" section and click the "Add Torrent" button. After a few seconds you should see the torrent in the list of downloads at the top of the page. Click on the "Start" link in the last column to get the download going. If there are people seeding the file, you should see your download start within a few minutes.

That's it, really. Completed downloads will be stored in the i2psnark sub-directory of your I2P installation (e.g on Linux: ~/.i2p/i2psnark/).

How to use a standalone I2PSnark software able to run with the routers?[Bearbeiten]

  • Building from source: "For i2psnark, get the latest i2p source (dev version 0.9.26-1 or higher) from github or monotone and run 'ant i2psnark'. This will create a i2psnark-standalone.zip file. Copy it somewhere, unzip it and run java -jar i2psnark.jar."<ref>http://zzz.i2p/topics/2136-i2psnark-and-vuze-now-work-with-i2pd</ref>
  • Pre-built: I2PSnark-standalone can be found pre-built at http://bobthebuilder.i2p. Heed the site warning: "Caution! These are not official builds. Anyone using these files does so at their own risk. Please report bugs at http://trac.i2p2.i2p"

How to make I2PSnark faster[Bearbeiten]

First observe the general instructions for How to make BitTorrent faster. If this is not enough, several clients can be used in parallel.

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Common tricks used to increase speed in I2PSnark:

  • Decrease hop count from 3 (slow) to 2 (fast) or 1 (faster) or 0 (Barry Allen)<ref>I2P Performance, the article explains the connection between hops and speed.</ref>
  • Increase tunnel count from 3 to 6. Only if there are a lot of connections. With 6 tunnels a performance warning is issued. If you need more than three tunnels you should use a second client instead.
  • Increase total uploader limit from 20 to 40.
  • Increase bandwidth limit (note: For slower connection speeds, using 60-100% of available bandwidth can produce better results than 50%.)

How to add new tracker links to I2PSnark's interface[Bearbeiten]

I2P displays links to I2P BitTorrent trackers at the top of its page. This is related to what trackers are saved in I2PSnark.

In I2PSnark's configuration menu are listed the trackers. Add a BitTorrent tracker running inside I2P to the tracker list, making sure to select "Standard". This should only be done for trackers that list content. Open trackers do not do that.

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