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Наконечники сети[Bearbeiten]

Local area network (LAN)[Bearbeiten]

Wide area network (WAN)[Bearbeiten]

IRC в I2P[Bearbeiten]

IRC2P название официального IRC сервера в I2P, хотя есть ещё сервера<ref>Вы можете узнать об этом у Ency2pedia (in #i2p and #i2pchat) введя "!IRC servers". As of 2016-02-23, it's answer is: "I know of these I2P IRC networks: Irc2P (irc.postman.i2p+irc.echelon.i2p+irc.dg.i2p) (here), irc.welterde.i2p, irc.killyourtv.i2p, Вы не можете подключиться в обычным серверам IRC. (См. так-же <не-I2P IRC сервера><Freenode> & <IRC tunnel>)"</ref>

  • Before 2014 you could launch several IRC clients, each one was hidden behind a @irc2p address (it was easy to have multiple identites, but for spammers too).

    /!\ From february 2014, the I2P's IRC functioning has changed (ref), the following informations might not be up to date. To have a second identity it is necessary to create a second IRC2P tunnel from the tunnel manager, use a second Port number, and a second IRC client software.

  • I2P's FAQ: read "How do I connect to IRC within I2P?"

  • The I2P plugin 'jIRCii' is an Internet Relay Chat client written in Java. You may use it, this avoid to setup and use your favorite IRC client software.

  • In the channels #i2p and #i2pchat, a infobot (information robot, named "ency2pedia"<ref>http://killyourtv.i2p/enci2pedia/</ref>) is available, you can call it by typing "!help", and ask questions such as "!irc" and more.

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File sharing[Bearbeiten]


Web forums in I2P run like in the clearnet.

Some softwares provides a way to use (and "host") distributed forums, this mean that no web site (eepsite) is needed, and that as long as one peer is running the software, the forum(s) is up. Read : WOT forums.

Voice over IP[Bearbeiten]

VoIP over I2P : not yet officially developed in I2P.

  • the software Mumble can be used as a VOIP server inside I2P.

Operating system specific[Bearbeiten]

Windows specific[Bearbeiten]

Mac OS X specific[Bearbeiten]

Qubes OS specific[Bearbeiten]

Computer specific[Bearbeiten]

Eepsite hosting[Bearbeiten]

Main article: EepsiteHosting

Making I2P-capable computer programs[Bearbeiten]


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