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This howto will describe how to separate the I2P router and the I2PTunnel/Syndie/etc JVM instances. It's most useful if you want to run the router 24/7 on a stable computer and I2PTunnel on your workstation from which you connect to the I2P.

(Note that I did this earlier and so I might have forgotten some necessary steps. Please contact me if you have problems setting it up)

Step 1: Installation[Bearbeiten]

For this to work, you need two separate installations of I2P. You probably already have one and you can keep it.

The two installations will be referred to as:

  • ~/i2p - The instance which will be running the router. You want to locate this on a stable computer.
  • ~/client - The instance running I2PTunnel and other services. This should be installed on your workstation.

To install them, just follow the typical steps of installing an I2P router.

Step 2: Configuring the client[Bearbeiten]

TODO (write me !)

Just browse to the B32 URL of the remote.

Example: http://xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.b32.i2p


The above text was write in 2006. The following links may be useful:

I2P's official FAQ:

Links to http://forum.i2p :

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