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This page will learn you how to make (run, operate) your own outproxy inside I2P to the clearnet. Later you can make it public, or not.

If you are searching how to use a outproxy, read the official I2P FAQ : http://i2p-projekt.i2p/en/faq
This wiki page may be useful too : EepsiteIndex ("Proxies to other networks")

How to Build your own outproxy[Bearbeiten]

Way #1, using TOR (2015)[Bearbeiten]

You need I2P, Tor, and Privoxy (Privoxy by Wikipedia).

  • setup a new hidden server tunnel "HTTP", point to your IP adress where there is Privoxy running and port 8118
  • config Privoxy to route the traffic through Tor
  • *.b32.i2p is your bridge e.g. outproxy address, or you can register a new "i2p domain"
  • replace "false.i2p" with your "*b32.i2p" or "domain" in "I2P HTTP Proxy" Client Tunnel

Credit: SerienJunkie, 2015-04-05 (ref (Offline since February 2017)).


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