Effective protection expiry:

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local p = {}

-- Returns the expiry of a restriction of an action on a given title, or unknown if it cannot be known. -- If no title is specified, the title of the page being displayed is used. function p._main(action, pagename) local title if type(pagename) == 'table' and pagename.prefixedText then title = pagename elseif pagename then title = mw.title.new(pagename) else title = mw.title.getCurrentTitle() end pagename = title.prefixedText if action == 'autoreview' then return mw.ext.FlaggedRevs.getStabilitySettings(title).expiry elseif action ~= 'edit' and action ~= 'move' and action ~= 'create' and action ~= 'upload' then error( 'First parameter must be one of edit, move, create, upload, autoreview', 2 ) end local rawExpiry = mw.getCurrentFrame():callParserFunction('PROTECTIONEXPIRY', action, pagename) if rawExpiry == 'infinity' then return 'infinity' elseif rawExpiry == then return 'unknown' else local year, month, day, hour, minute, second = rawExpiry:match( '^(%d%d%d%d)(%d%d)(%d%d)(%d%d)(%d%d)(%d%d)$' ) if year then return string.format( '%s-%s-%sT%s:%s:%s', year, month, day, hour, minute, second ) else error('internal error in Module:Effective protection expiry; malformed expiry timestamp') end end end

setmetatable(p, { __index = function(t, k) return function(frame) return t._main(k, frame.args[1]) end end })

return p