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Partie 1 : anglais (ou anglais comme langue principale plus d'autre langues)[Bearbeiten]

Index des pages[Bearbeiten]

  • inr.i2p - "I2P Name Registry is a domain name registration service for I2P. It also provides checks when a site has last been online." (LV: 2016-05-11; online-status)
  • identiguy.i2p - Automated listing of eepsite addresses without descriptions and "last online" checks. (LV: 2016-08-24; online-status)
  • go.i2p ADH - "Discover the I2P Net." QuickStart for I2P Newbies. English and German (LV: 2016-08-24; online-status) Note: Only showing default stock eepsite as of 2016-08-24

Moteurs de recherche[Bearbeiten]

  • seeker.i2p ADH B32 Powered by Opensearchserver, Beta stage, Maintained by Unconscious & COMiX (Multilingual support, registration, search terms restrictions implemented but not yet allowed) (LV: 2016-08-24; online-status) Note: this one seems to work fine – with javascript for search autocomplete only – on a few tests and has a nice, familiar look :-).

Voir aussi : Search engines and I2P (si vous voulez en faire marcher un).

Programmer pour I2P[Bearbeiten]

Voir aussi I2pProjects.

I2P related software[Bearbeiten]

Partage de Fichier[Bearbeiten]

Article principal : Available Filesharing Clients.

Trackers BitTorrent/Annuaires de contenu[Bearbeiten]

Trackers BitTorrent ouverts[Bearbeiten]

Les adresses d'autres trackers ouverts peuvent être trouvés sur Diftracker (http://diftracker.i2p/).

Self-contained BitTorrent search engine[Bearbeiten]


Sites web cachés[Bearbeiten]

On the following hidden web sites, the uploaders can announce themselves the new files that they add (share) to this file sharing network, a bit like like the torrents trackers websites does :


Not an eepsite, this is a list of forums hosted inside Syndie about new releases (files shared) in the Kad network of (iMule/Nachtblitz):




  • pinkcloud.i2p - free experimental Owncloud service in i2p. Login with guest/guest or apply for an account at pinkcloud@mail.i2p. No Cp. (LV: 2016-05-22; online-status)


Hébergement de Site Web[Bearbeiten]

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via I2P.


E-mail et news[Bearbeiten]

IRC / Chat / IM[Bearbeiten]

See also the "IRC Anonymity Guide": IrcAnonymityGuide (german: HowTo/AnonymImIRC).

  • I2P-Messenger 'QT' is a IM/chat client (it does not use any IRC network)
  • For IRC, edit your local IRC proxy settings and use it with every IRC-Client

IRC Networks:

Logs of I2P-IRC:

VOIP: Some Mumble servers have existed inside I2P.


  • Onelon - secure blogging platform with PGP key authentication.
  • The software Syndie can be used to make and host blogs.

For personal blogger see Blogs.



Decentralized forums[Bearbeiten]

The page WOT forums list the softwares to run in order to use decentralized forums (ie: Syndie). These softwares allow to read/write and host forums inside I2P, no eepsite hosting required, no shutdown possible as long as a peer is online (Aktie / OFS, or a archive server in the case of Syndie).

  • Aktie, Syndie, OFS : install then run these softwares to see the list of the forums existing inside.

Forums centralisés[Bearbeiten]

Centralized image boards[Bearbeiten]



  • I2PVPN : a commercial VPN service which operates over I2P, claims guaranteed anonymity. Tor URL. (Last visited 2016-05-30 )
  • sglg.i2p - Personal eepsite of the user who goes by the nickname SGLG. (LV: 2016-09-11)


Requiring running Tahoe-LAFS:

Livres et Education[Bearbeiten]

Entertainment and Media[Bearbeiten]




Politics and Hacktivism[Bearbeiten]

  • anarplex.i2p - files and projects related to crypto-tribes, phyles, crypto-anarchy, agorism, provider of darknet services (LV: 2016-02-17; online-status)
  • manifesto.i2p - website for sharing not-too-long manifestos, essays, guides, etc (LV: 2017-03-31; online-status)

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies and Marketplaces[Bearbeiten]

WARNING: Trusting your money with anonymous people is risky!



For software for bloggers see Blogging.

Hacking / Cracking / Piratage[Bearbeiten]

Lancement d'alerte[Bearbeiten]

Proxies to other networks[Bearbeiten]

Syndie messages --> WWW[Bearbeiten]

  • mosfet.i2p - Syndie Web Gateway, provides a web view of the of the Mosfet Syndie archive (which only provides some channels). Think of it as a poor man's Mailman to Syndie. (LV: 2016-08-24 online-status)

Proxies to Tahoe-LAFS cloud[Bearbeiten]

Proxies to the clearnet and to the Tor network[Bearbeiten]

Add these addresses into your router addressbook (click ADH), then paste them into "Outproxies(x)/SSL Outproxies" field in "I2P HTTP/HTTPS..." tunnels in Hidden Services Manager:

Outproxy Addresshelper Is it working? Type Comments
false.i2p ADH online-status HTTP default I2P outproxy
outproxy-tor.meeh.i2p ADH online-status HTTPS default I2P outproxy
http.i2p ADH online-status HTTP+HTTPS

You can also access the Tor network directly using the Orchid plugin.

Dysfunctional and obsolete sites[Bearbeiten]

Eepsite Addresshelper Comments
http://icand.i2p ADH B32 Icand was a domain name register and address book service. It ceased to exist in 2010.
bitcoin-escrow.i2p The Objective of this free Bitcoin escrow service is to enable and promote anonymous eCommerce (using Bitcoin) on the I2P network.
i2p-javadocs.i2p ADH Provided Javadocs for the I2P source code. Offline since 2016-03-06
id3nt.i2p ADH Microblogging system developed to suit I2Ps needs. Id3nt.i2p was the successor to ident.i2p where the key was lost for. Killed when the VPS crashed during a backup. (the source is available on git.repos.i2p) Online from 2012-04-22 to 2016-01-31.

Partie 2 : toutes les autres langues[Bearbeiten]


  • ADH: lien adress helper.
  • B32: lien adresse B32 .
  • online-status: reporte le dernier état vu sur inr.i2p
  • LV: Dernière visite.


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