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EepGet - a downloader for I2P[Bearbeiten]

EepGet is a free tool for command line and non interactive download of files from the I2P network.

Non-interactive means in this connection, EepGet can work undependent on the other presence of the user in the background. Thereby should be guaranteed that an once pushed data call requires no other user's intervention. Particularly with big files that is an advantage not to be underestimated: EepGet works, while the user rests.

EepGet is developed actively together with I2P to function durably also with slow and unstable network connections. If a download misses because of an uncompleted connection, the connection as long as tries to accept EepGet again, since the download is closed (by pre-setting 5 times). If the questioned server the so named one

EepGet is a Java class which is called about the Shell-Script eepget by the user. If EepGet is called without parameter, it spends an orderly help about the possible options to be used.

Screen shot[Bearbeiten]

Example of use with 10 retries and the result:

./eepget -n 10 http://www.i2p2.i2p/_static/pdf/i2p_philosophy.pdf EepGet in the terminal after a successful download


  • All the following parameters are optionnal, it is possible to only give a URL.
    -p proxyHost:proxyPort
    The network address and the port to which EepGet should be bound. As a network address either the Hostname or the numeric IP address is to be indicated. This option is useful if the I2P-Router run on another computer than EepGet runs. Example: eepget-p localhost:4444 . Default: .
    -n retries
    Number of the attempts, how often EepGet should accept missed connections again. Default:5.
    -e etag
    ETag (stands for? entity sit?, possibly Entitätmarke) is one in the HTTP 1.1 introduced Header fields. It serves for the regulation of changes in the requested resource and is applied mainly to the Caching, also of the avoidance of redundant data communications.
    -o outputFile
    The document is saved under the given name. (The standard issue under Linux is not supported.)
    -m markSize lineLen
    If the status announcement affects during the download. markSize from 0 the status announcement switches off. The option lineLen affects the duration of a measurement, visibly in the number of the given double sharps #. Default: 1024 und 40.
    -t timeout
    The duration to EepGet considers a connecting attempt as missed. time-out from 0 EepGet asks to wait infinitely for the connection. Default: 60 Seconds.
    -h headerName=headerValue

    -u username -x password
    Provided if an user's name and a password are required.
    The complete URL to the file.

Other use[Bearbeiten]

  • EepGet can load files from the Internet or from Tor network if a appropriate Proxy is ready. However, dependent on the applied Proxy, the connecting data are not made anonymous. Example of use of such web proxys which accesses directly the Internet:
    ./eepget -p localhost:8118
  • The I2P programs Syndie and azneti2phelper (Vuze) have already integrated EepGet and use it for the fulfillment of certain tasks.


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