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The Bible (ancient Greek βιβλία biblia "Books"; therefore also the Book of Books) is a collection of writings which in Christianity is regarded as Holy Scripture with a normative claim for the entire practice of religion.

The "Bible of Judaism" is the three-part Tanach, which consists of the Torah (instruction), the Nevi'im (prophet) and Ketuvim (scriptures). These writings originated from about 1200 BC in the cultural area of the Levant and Near East and were canonized until 135 AD.

Christianity took over all the books of Tanach, arranged them differently and placed them in front of the New Testament as the Old Testament. Both parts were declared canonical until the 3rd century; later Christian denominations modified this canon slightly. The two-part Bible is the most frequently printed and published written work in the world, translated into most languages.

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  • Bible4u - Free Bible translations in multiple languages available to read online and to free download.

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