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<languages /> Why would I want to avoid chans/ imageboards?

The I2P network, compared with Tor or Freenet, has very, very little porn. The overwhelming majority of which, is legal. However, there will always be assholes willing and able to upload child abuse images, gore, or god knows what else. If you don't want to risk accidentally downloading child pornography, seeing gore, or something else just as bad (as any sane person would), it's best to avoid imageboards/ chans on the darknet. This goes for I2P as well as with Tor.

Why would I want to use chans/ imageboards?

Not all imageboards are equal. City.i2p, for instance, is a Chinese imageboard dedicated to building a Chinese speaking community of privacy/ anonymity software developers. I would be surprised to see abuse on such a platform. There are many legitimate uses of these services, in fact, the overwhelming majority of their uses are legitimate.

Need help from the community to elaborate on this page. Why do some people like chans? Why do others avoid them?