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This page is an unofficial copy of the official Aktie changelog.

This wiki page allow to :

  • be read it without having to access the clearnet (because staying inside I2P)
  • add know issues (and sometimes their solutions) to the releases notes
  • add details to the releases notes (details often copied from the Aktie community named 'support <RNIQtc>')

Note: the official changelog is hosted at https://github.com/retsamknaps/Aktie/releases


Aktie 0.5.22 (2017-11-19)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 67c6793861da3cc56a5087a4d5c22679117a66807b4bc841b99f0657503e1510

Update to i2p 0.9.32-0

Aktie 0.5.21 (2017-09-10)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: c21a779800fc14294ff293b69bafb21a69a7b3640a513969740e466884939ecd

  • Fix ShareManager file leak
  • Fix re-generation of hash cash for existing objects
  • Consolidate processing of incoming network data

Aktie 0.5.20 (2017-08-22)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 8879bec0d8b8d799e6b93c2b163f3b7d25fd6a2f2058a41bff9d1b82a2430b07

  • Fix ShareManager issue where files would get continually rehashed if share name changed
  • Add developer2
  • Stop download queue on node shutdown
  • Add ability to force rebuild of ident/sub tree using update 0.5.19
  • Check for sub/ident tree entities with id 0
  • Check for loops in sub/ident tree
  • Fix re-add of local files with same path

Aktie 0.5.19 (2017-08-14)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 365861dca2b70c633b827c2073acc4802a78ee61bbd8446d2d94647dfdfee0ac

  • Fix bug in 0.5.18 that could break parent/child relationship for SubTreeEntity
  • Close PaymentThread dialog properly on OK

Aktie 0.5.18 (2017-08-13)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 44761310915c6ebba2c123bbf070c1899190ca8b7cb08477edb9a774a6c49bab

  • Upgrade to i2p 0.9.31
  • Add ability to set number of threads for spam payment generation
  • Fix boolean fields
  • Process downloaded files sequentially to manage cpu used
  • Add ability to distribute new developer id's
  • More separation of gui/node

Aktie 0.5.17 (2017-06-15)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 4d68bdcc5a37903dbe62157ce28a923eada0c286481c64b1f772e30fab086a65

  • Blog mode communities
  • Fixes to private communities
  • Re-download community data (if posts/files are missing)

Aktie 0.5.16 (2017-05-21)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 5ae254baaa8e02c1fbb4f8059b3ecd5c07eb5622f0f87de906da29a895159c88

  • Fix NPE in hasfilecreator
  • Fix NewMemeberDialog

Aktie 0.5.15 (2017-05-21)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 93d4ce4c482f8363106e415dab1fe12c3c9e4c5a1bc2806da2fc99d4d3a86626

  • Upgrade h2 database to 1.4.195
  • Upgrade Lucene to 5.5.4
  • Never create new hasfile just for file rename
  • Mark new duplicate files as duplicate instead of old file
  • Fix ShowMembers dialog
  • Fix blue for new posts
  • Add multithreaded spam hash payment
    • see aktie.payment.threads=4 in aktie.pros
  • Save subscriptions that cannot be validated until later
  • Add feature to rebuild h2 database from index (experimental!)

Aktie 0.5.14 (2017-05-08)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 3cbf104d4f8d9d4a74e5e3fffdc6e64acfee2c2422f01ec9df9b9279351e692b

  • Populate private message subject lines when replying
  • Internal code clean-up from Lg
  • Upgrade I2P to 0.9.30-0

Aktie 0.5.13 (2017-03-15)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: b200a105ee1441a1787b50b36fef5594d33b35d4a0dfb20f0c78d94ccb18d732

  • Update i2p 0.9.29-0
  • Update back-up restore
  • Do not say share manager not running.

Aktie 0.5.12 (2017-02-28)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: c0b7cdf553f0fdda284b141472206e19f022e2359b3ebb2fd7d222d62054644a

  • Fix GIF animation
  • Fix subscription global sequence number update
  • All dialogs resizable

Aktie 0.5.11 (2017-02-23)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 0015ae4a66f44114c6a4c2fe03d9730fee39ebad7296f5fc93f40ce17ebbeca2

  • Animate GIF images
  • Change check type messages to info instead of severe
  • Show who has file in downloads tab
  • Send private message in who has file dialog
  • Use local temp dir for temp files
  • Fix save/restore error
  • Automatically save backup file on start

Aktie 0.5.10 (2017-02-08)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 5fc3e93c6c35ef32f0e454180c4512d666373044734b92350a27935a407a2164

  • Improve performance of global sequences.
  • Fix auto-update feature and developer messages.
  • New function : add back-up/restore.

Aktie 0.5.9 (2017-01-25)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: ffe6991dfe2b58c174f7d2dc014876aae8616c94470e07b70a489052d6f3d4e3

  • Various global sequence fixes.

Aktie 0.5.8 (2017-01-18)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 0c11e5ee18f6ea2b20e535dc7dfd2b901402e2061b261035b2839e079c42e0b1

This is a huge release. We updated the way messages are distributed around the network. It will hopefully make things better. We have done a lot of testing, but the changes were big enough that there's likely a bug or two.


  • Use global sequences.
  • Upgrade to I2P 0.9.28
  • New upgraded nodes to 0.5.8 won't see messages from old nodes until they upgrade to 0.5.8.

Known issues[Bearbeiten]

Aktie 0.5.7 (2016-11-18)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 1c8c7a33e97372b6e369bad0bff27400ad670be9eac80c5bd3c32c3f4c2018f1

  • Updates to I2P 0.9.27
  • Updated seed file

Aktie 0.5.6 (2016-09-13)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: a11f725ec645d925a223a50ad571f749db1a5ac0994f0e74d50c71f519d11667

  • Subscriptions used to be sequenced based on identity-community which resulted in subscription requests for subident number of pairs, even for communities not currently subscribed to. This means a lot of subscription requests. This release changes subscription to identity based, which means we only ask for ident number of subscription updates.
  • Reorder ok/cancel buttons in Locked community dialog.

Aktie 0.5.5 (2016-08-29)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 25b64e45095301c50a14691cc8119aafbb02275595e32e4e7f0f31cc82ccfa69

  • Add ability to open files: menu File -> Set Launcher Programs.
  • Add programs to open files based on file extension.
  • Add first/last seen columns to Files table.
  • Add typo updates from koeur2pi

Note: On restart it will take a little while for the index to be updated for the new first/last seen file columns. The splash screen will show a progress percent.

Aktie 0.5.4 (2016-07-04)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: bef95c38057b56d69484b2ed62118adef57f580c83442624665efcf3a64b0705

  • 'Many PM fixes': many fixes in the feature 'private messages'

Aktie 0.5.3 (2016-07-02)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: ccdac2856626d53d7e3942f9a970d552df5e7727400515c792818fded4199cdc

  • Fix private message problem where recipient doesn't see the whole message.
  • Fix NPE issue in PM tree sort.
  • Properly display from/to selected PM.
  • Add subject line in display of PM.

Aktie 0.5.2 (2016-06-30)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: ae1141ebbbd333d8597c99ba338530fb30c08ed19175d76bbc366756c53046f6

  • 'PM': new feature named 'Private messages'
  • Fix sequencing update problems
  • Fix hash cash problems
  • Add 1g exclusion files and extensions

Aktie 0.5.1 (2016-06-15)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 9c21d08536749c397faaccc2cad1568883ed62fe275a0fbacaf3eaea81b41ae5

  • fix auto-update of SWT files

Known issues[Bearbeiten]

Aktie 0.4.19 (2016-06-15)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 9c56d7f0d9bcce5c0bcc5c9e8298fdce8ed3088a52a2712cb843d8ff6b6acd5f

  • Update from 1g for connection speed
  • Update to SWT 4.5.2
  • Add initial SPAM exception file for new installs
  • Fix index for network queries to always return next data even if outside first/last parms

Known issue[Bearbeiten]

Aktie 0.4.18 (2016-06-11)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: b3e8fd9c0e1c63c695fe5fc86519a5b6b61160d8c41887cadf2d14b4b84ad431

  • Embedded I2P was upgraded to 0.9.26-0.
  • Spam control measures : this release has spam control measures added. Spam control consists of hash-cash for new posts, and old non-spam posts are grandfathered in by the developer identity. Setting an identity’s rank as zero effectively removes that identity’s posts and files and no longer propagates them. Setting an identity rank above 5 allows your node to accept posts and files from that identity without it having to generate hash-cash. You can select to skip generating hash cash in your posts and in your Directory Shares. However, only users that have set your rank above 5 will see them.

Hint: If you see SPAM files in a community, right click on a file, select “Who Has File”. In the new dialog right click on the offending identity. Select “Set Selected User(s) Rank”. Set the rank to 0 to clear all files and posts from that user from all communities.

Note: this was a significant upgrade so we apologize in advance for any issues, but we wanted to release ASAP to help address spam issues.

Known issue[Bearbeiten]

  • 'Updating Lucene index user ranks. Please be patient.' can last hours : please note that when you restart Aktie the first time for the upgrade, it will take a while for the index to be updated. This may make Aktie unresponsive for quite a while (maybe an hour if you have many subscriptions to busy communities). Note: the process run faster if the Aktie directory is copied and run into a RAM drive.

Aktie 0.4.17 (2016-05-26)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: c3a20adc457314766f731bffeb39f82167a1f6d1ee90ea16ddad907bd357f243

  • Better file transfer performance.

Aktie 0.4.16 (2016-05-21)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 953880feaa2cbd07215bd16b2daf1f032c09617e5badf6b750232b65eeb67076

  • More file transfer updates
  • Background file cancel so it doesn't lock up the UI

Aktie 0.4.15 (2016-05-17)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 51e3ede50ad752ed35a9970e895596857b0dfcda8a2db402529daf4778c7d84b

  • Adjust connection times
  • Check to make sure we don't re-request fragments
  • Update i2p certificates

Aktie 0.4.14 (2016-05-13)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 9ccdd31b0ea1e3b73aa15c9cc449cf1f98a2f182d6dcfccf24584764c8560d56

  • Various boring fixes

Aktie 0.4.13 (2016-05-02)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 42bcf665907fa070b5239ebb3a6969cbf026f7540496e5631e8d1d9c72024f59

  • Security fix related to downloads with multiple identities
  • Fix problem with duplicate files in shares
  • Add up/down speed patch from 1g

Aktie 0.4.12 (2016-04-21)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: eca05cf3bdce5289ed3656b40d80f0503e1c55a2a36946db50d3d7c070a4e6f2

  • Fix delete query
  • Make Downloads File column right aligned
  • Fix private community decode
  • Fix 1g read-only file bug

Aktie 0.4.11 (2016-04-17)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 213e2957dabf7c5d0dd9525f45b584c2f4b44dc00430d9f709f7a5094e59749b

  • Fix auto-update (again)
  • Download previews for auto-download queries
  • Don't download identities while in filemode connections

Aktie 0.4.10 (2016-04-17)[Bearbeiten]

  • The file: 'aktie_run_dir/aktie_node/i2p/wrapper.log' might have gotten out of control after the 0.4.7-9 releases. We left some stack trace outputs there, and failed connections to I2P will spam the file. Delete the file after you shutdown Aktie before restarting for the upgrade.
  • Cleaned up handling of failed file requests.

Known issue[Bearbeiten]

  • automatic updates may fail if you have multiple identities and not all are on.
  • "GRAVE: ERROR: file mode unacceptable type: post" (terminal). Fixed in 0.4.11

Aktie 0.4.9 (2016-04-15)[Bearbeiten]

  • improved updates - were way to slow in 0.4.7-8
  • merged patchset from koeur2pi to adjust column widths

Aktie 0.4.8 (2016-04-13)[Bearbeiten]

  • Added pushes back into new connection manager. Was missing from 0.4.7.

Aktie 0.4.7 (2016-04-12)[Bearbeiten]

We hope that this release fixes some cpu and disk utilization issues, but because of all the crypto and indexing Aktie does it will always intermittently use some CPU resources. Especially on startup and during updates when your node has been offline for a while. We also hope it will help with download performance.

0.4.7 Release notes:

  • Completely rewritten connection management for better CPU and disk utilization and performance
  • Rewritten lucuce search builder for better performance
  • Updated to i2p 0.9.25
  • Update seed nodes

Aktie 0.4.6 (2016-03-21)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 523b64eb5378278e81d81217a17eaddda4eee24f8c978fab3dffa0111c806b44

  • Fix a bug where files in shares could be processed more than once
  • Fix bugs with the GUI subscription tree
  • Allow share processor to be disabled : "Every minute the share processor will look for new files in the shares and add them. If there are a lot of new files it can start to burn a lot of CPU as it hashes all the new files.
    Every 8 hours the share processor will crawl all the old files to make sure they haven't changed name, locations, data, etc. This can also chew up CPU time.
    So it now shows when the share processor is running and lets you disable it if you want. Just don't forget to turn it back on later!"
  • Headless support added :

Aktie can now run headless! But, there's no client yet, and no documentation yet, sorry. However, if you run: 'java -jar aktie.jar -headless' Aktie will start without a GUI and will be opened to accept JSON objects to control the node.

Edit 'aktie_run_dir/aktie_node/aktie.pros' add this line to bind the client port to :


Aktie 0.4.5 (2016-03-12)[Bearbeiten]

  • Post fields added.
  • Identity rank added.
  • Advanced search implemented.
  • Auto download added.
  • Added fixes for Linux GTK3
  • I2P updated to 0.9.24-0

Known issue[Bearbeiten]

Aktie does update itself if you have the feature selected: File->Disable/Enable auto upgrade. It should automatically add the update zip files to your download list. Then once the downloading is done, you will have to restart Aktie.
One thing is that if you have multiple identities is to see which identity of yours it is downloading the update file with in the Downloads tab at the far right. Make sure that identity is connected!

Aktie 0.4.4 (2015-12-22)[Bearbeiten]

Has icons and quite a few improvements to the subscription tree pane.

Aktie 0.4.3 (2015-11-25)[Bearbeiten]

When we say, fuck unit tests, let us just release, or let us get pissed and drive boats into scotland.

Aktie 0.4.2 (2015-11-25)[Bearbeiten]

Hold onto your butts. Maybe this 0.4 release will be worth something.

Aktie 0.4.1 (2015-11-24)[Bearbeiten]

This fixes an issue with refreshing and closing the index.

If you upgraded to 0.4.0 and had issues, you can try to restart, and/or download 0.4.1.

Aktie 0.4.0 (2015-11-24)[Bearbeiten]

SHA256: 8d2fcfaebe43ba44616b66c3d07db635a2bcbf8fc35944db51c5dd3b02c7d4e4

  • update to I2P 9.23-0
  • update Lucene to 5.3
  • improve Lucene usage for memory/performance
  • put new posts to highest priority
  • update hasfile records properly
  • fix wrapper to allow removing old jar files on upgrade

Known issue[Bearbeiten]

  • Automatic upgrade to v0.4.0 is impossible, the developer wrote: "You must download the new aktie.jar file and replace the old one. This update is not automatically upgradeable."

See also[Bearbeiten]

  • Changelogs are also posted into the community 'news <mDkZ2P>' inside Aktie
  • Aktie - Aktie's article on i2pwiki.i2p


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