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This is a copy of I2PWiki's. This copy was based on torrent http://tracker2.postman.i2p/details.php?dllist=1&filelist=1&info_hash=%27%d9%cbc%00%c8D%a2%c3%9a5%93%88%7fk%0d%fa%20c%f2 made. The wiki user interface language is German. All pages are available at http://i2pwiki.mk16.de/index.php?title=Spezial:Alle_Seiten.

If there should be content on this wiki which is extremely ethical or which violates the law, I would be glad if you could inform me about it: m.k@mk16.de mark22k@mail.i2p

This wiki is also available in Clearnet: http://i2pwiki.mk16.de/ or via HTTPS https://i2pwiki.mk16.de This wiki is also available on the I2P network: http://isbf7tzeyrutnd5rvmjpqaohe7cz6onqgci2wvbuyfwc62w74r3q.b32.i2p/ or i2pwiki.bandura.i2p

The logo (favicon) is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. See http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ for more information. The original pictures can be seen under http://github.com/i2p/i2p.graphics/.