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This is a user-curated listing of useful eepsites and webservices sorted by functionality. Feel free to update this site. Not all sites might have an address associated (or be public at all), so read up on the I2P domain name system if that interests you. New eepsites are also regulary announced in the section 'Eepsite Announce' at forum.i2p. <languages />

Part 1: English (or English as primary language plus other languages)[Bearbeiten]

Index pages[Bearbeiten]

  • inr.i2p - "I2P Name Registry is a domain name registration service for I2P. It also provides checks when a site has last been online." (LV: 2016-05-11; online-status)
  • identiguy.i2p - Automated listing of eepsite addresses without descriptions and "last online" checks. (LV: 2016-08-24; online-status)
  • go.i2p ADH - "Discover the I2P Net." QuickStart for I2P Newbies. English and German (LV: 2016-08-24; online-status) Note: Only showing default stock eepsite as of 2016-08-24
  • eepsitelist - A compiled list of known alive eepsites. Routinely updated.

Search Engines[Bearbeiten]

  • seeker.i2p ADH B32 Powered by Opensearchserver, Beta stage, Maintained by Unconscious & COMiX (Multilingual support, registration, search terms restrictions implemented but not yet allowed) (LV: 2016-08-24; online-status) Note: this one seems to work fine – with javascript for search autocomplete only – on a few tests and has a nice, familiar look :-).

See also: Search engines and I2P.

I2P development[Bearbeiten]

See also I2pProjects.

I2P related software[Bearbeiten]

File Sharing[Bearbeiten]

Main article: Filesharing and I2P (compares and list the available filesharing clients for I2P).

BitTorrent trackers/content catalogs[Bearbeiten]

BitTorrent open trackers[Bearbeiten]

You may find URL's of other open trackers on Diftracker (http://diftracker.i2p/).

Self-contained BitTorrent search engine(s)[Bearbeiten]


Related to iMule/Nachtblitz:

On the following hidden web sites, the uploaders can announce themselves the new files that they add (share) to this file sharing network, a bit like like the torrents trackers websites does :


Not an eepsite, this is a list forums inside Syndie about new releases (files shared) on Kad network (iMule/Nachtblitz):




  • pinkcloud.i2p - free experimental Owncloud service in i2p. Login with guest/guest or apply for an account at pinkcloud@mail.i2p. No Cp. (LV: 2016-05-22; online-status)


Web Hosting[Bearbeiten]

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible via I2P.


E-mail and News[Bearbeiten]

IRC / Chat / IM[Bearbeiten]

See also the "IRC Anonymity Guide": IrcAnonymityGuide (german: HowTo/AnonymImIRC).

  • I2P-Messenger 'QT' is a IM/chat client (it does not use any IRC network)
  • For IRC, edit your local IRC proxy settings and use it with every IRC-Client

IRC Networks:

  • IRC2P (the official IRC network inside I2P)
  • awxcnx.i2p - I2P IRC (web-services) (LV: 2011-10-12; online-status)
  • irc.devfs.i2p / irc.kitsune.i2p

Logs of I2P-IRC:

VOIP: Some Mumble servers have existed inside I2P.


  • Onelon - secure blogging platform with PGP key authentication.
  • The software Syndie can be used to make and host blogs.

For personal blogger see Blogs.



Decentralized forums[Bearbeiten]

The page WOT forums list the softwares to run in order to use decentralized forums (ie: Syndie). These softwares allow to read/write and host forums inside I2P, no eepsite hosting required, no shutdown possible as long as a peer is online (Aktie / OFS, or a archive server in the case of Syndie).

  • Aktie, Syndie, OFS : install then run these softwares to see the list of the forums existing inside.
  • Overchan is a semi-decentralized network of chans (forums), each one with its own moderation policy and different boards, visit for your own responsibility:

Centralized forums[Bearbeiten]

Centralized image boards[Bearbeiten]



  • I2PVPN : a commercial VPN service which operates over I2P, claims guaranteed anonymity. Tor URL. (Last visited 2016-05-30 )
  • sglg.i2p - Personal eepsite of the user who goes by the nickname SGLG. Contains updated information about projects headed by SGLG.


Requiring running Tahoe-LAFS:

Books and Education[Bearbeiten]

Entertainment and Media[Bearbeiten]




Politics and Hacktivism[Bearbeiten]

  • anarplex.i2p - files and projects related to crypto-tribes, phyles, crypto-anarchy, agorism, provider of darknet services (LV: 2016-02-17; online-status)

Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies and Marketplaces[Bearbeiten]

WARNING: Trusting your money with anonymous people is risky!



For software for bloggers see Blogging.

Hacking / Cracking / Piracy[Bearbeiten]


Proxies to other networks[Bearbeiten]

Proxies to Syndie messages[Bearbeiten]

Proxies to Tahoe-LAFS cloud[Bearbeiten]

Proxies to the clearnet and to the Tor network[Bearbeiten]

Add these addresses into your router addressbook (click ADH), then paste them into "Outproxies(x)/SSL Outproxies" field in "I2P HTTP/HTTPS..." tunnels in Hidden Services Manager:

Outproxy Addresshelper Is it working? Type Comments
false.i2p ADH online-status HTTP default I2P outproxy
outproxy-tor.meeh.i2p ADH online-status HTTPS default I2P outproxy
http.i2p ADH online-status HTTP+HTTPS

You can also access the Tor network directly using the Orchid plugin, although currently (2014, v1.0.0-0.4-b1) it's very buggy and unusable.

Dysfunctional and obsolete sites[Bearbeiten]

Eepsite Addresshelper Comments
http://icand.i2p ADH B32 Icand was a domain name register and address book service. It ceased to exist in 2010.
bitcoin-escrow.i2p The Objective of this free Bitcoin escrow service is to enable and promote anonymous eCommerce (using Bitcoin) on the I2P network.
i2p-javadocs.i2p ADH Provided Javadocs for the I2P source code. Offline since 2016-03-06
id3nt.i2p ADH Microblogging system developed to suit I2Ps needs. Id3nt.i2p was the successor to ident.i2p where the key was lost for. Killed when the VPS crashed during a backup. (the source is available on git.repos.i2p) Online from 2012-04-22 to 2016-01-31.

Other languages[Bearbeiten]

The following languages have dedicated Eepsite index pages with sites that are operated in their native language:


  • ADH: address helper link.
  • B32: B32 address link.
  • online-status: query the last seen status at inr.i2p
  • LV: last visited.


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